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Columbian Retirement Home Inc.

Columbian Retirement Home Inc. (CRH) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation founded in 1976 for public benefit and charitable purposes by the California State Council of the Knights of Columbus.

CRH is dedicated to providing affordable housing and care for members or family of members, of the California State Council of the Knights of Columbus, and for others who have attained the age of 55 years, who would find comfort in a faith-based setting.

CRH raised funds to purchase a former convent in Marysville, and opened the 20-room Columbian Retirement Center in 1986.  Our Marysville Center, an independent living facility, now celebrates 36 years of service, providing furnished rooms, housekeeping services and home-style meals in Marysville's historic downtown village. 

In 2010, as an expansion of its services to help Knights find appropriate retirement housing in any community of their choice, CRH opened its new Columbian Senior Advisory Service, now supported by the consultants of Southern California Senior Resources. This service provides individualized counseling on senior care choices and referrals to housing opportunities.

CRH is committed to helping member Knights, their immediate families and others navigate the sometimes-confusing array of senior services and housing now available in California, with our Vision being -
For every knight and spouse or widow, the dignity and safety of suitable, affordable housing in their maturity.